Monday, October 19, 2009

crispin's comment

man, i totally got one up--ed. ol'crispy glover had some wonderful costume ideas for the tall one. i don't think young white foot will go as anything other than drunk elvis, though. it has taken him a month to grow some side burns. we got the black spray. i guess we are still missing the telltale elvis suit. so i'll keep working on him. see what i can do. and i'll get on the photos as soon as there is something new to photograph. and also what are the hott pockets going as this year? rock em sock em robops? if so my money is on that hott mamonster, and little dusty junior. that battle for world domination could be brutal. let us know.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

all to avoid studying

i will sometimes go to great lengths to get out of studying, but this weekend may have hit a new low. saturday, i gave dust the car. that way i would have no excuse not to study. the neighbors started the saturday morning pounding at 9:30. i was up. so i start to study. i studied for a few hours. then i did four loads of laundry, walked to the safeway and bought the makings for new cakes. brown sugar toasted pecan with caramel for frosting. the frosting took two tries to get it right. but they are good. we saw where the wild things are this weekend. i cried. we froze some yummy corn. and we danced the night away to brother ali et al in the city. all in all it was not such a bad weekend. i think i have ordered everything to be a convincing dr girlfriend. so i think i am ready for the week. now about those two tests on tuesday...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

back to normal.

i am back to school. the week off was well needed and way to fast. monday and tuesday of this week went by in a blur. homework day one. what did you expect? tomorrow we have off. so does dust. so we are going to visit my brother and his wee one, emma drew langford. also i bought her sunglasses and made some little cakes shaped like ghosts. not bad for being a full time student. i think i also told you dust and i are now californians. we took the tests for licences and passed. ( me--100%, him--minus 2--ha ha! making me the victor!) i should give an update of the tiny, tiny house. we are making it work. it is not comfy for us both to be in the kitchen at once, but every other room we can be in together (there's only a living room and a bedroom and bathroom, but we are making it work.) dust said we may not have to move again for the two years we are here. that is scary to me because a few times now my commute has been more than an hour from here. and we all know i am no morning person. so. the idea that i should get up earlier than my 5:55 wake up call, is just mean. but so far dust has not suggested that i should do that. so things are good. this quarter looks a little less grueling than last. that is a relief. i have classes with natalie (my upbeat vietnamese friend) and that helps. she is so pumped on everything, that i forget how burnt out this whole thing can make me. i am going to go finish the pink book i started over break (really it is a nice minty green, but it is written by a lady who wrote a few pink books. so i thought i would go green.) also the big, biG, bIG, BIG news at our tiny tiny house is that kelvin got a visa. kristin and he will get to live together happily ever after, i know. i know how happy this must make her. i only lost my honey for a month, and i was losing my mind, so a year and a half... she is better than me. i know i could and would not be able to put myself through that. but love makes us do some crazy things. so good on her for waiting. i know it will be worth the wait. so yippee. we get kelvinito back. and this time for good. ahh. dustin is once again the hermano blanco. as he should be with those feet. and kelvin coming to vermont just in time for winter. poor guy. but i am so happy he will be there. finally!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

photo montage (or photo montag for the infamous heidi)

you know it is summer when stinx's white feet come out. don't they look glorious. sparkling white feet.
today marks the end of an era. six years with vt tags. now we are real californians. well tomorrow we will be when i get to take the written test. i guess right now only our car is a californian.

that is right. we are up to no good. we are the "no goodnicks."

this is why your mama tells you not to drink car bombs for breakfast. what were we thinking? i don't care who's birthday wish it was, its just wrong.
ahh the birthday boy himself. still drinking. way to go, champ.

see, everyone looks hot in a hotdog hat.

Monday, September 21, 2009

return of "the good wife."

ahhhh. i can finally breathe. i am on a week long break, and already i have done more than i did since rob and quinn's wedding weekend. it started thursday afternoon. i finally slept. (i hit my coma). and i still managed to wake up in time to go for dinner with dust at Rudy's can't fail. while there i enjoyed a delicious chocolate malt and some yummy tofu rancheros. friday began like any other first friday of break. a boy from my school was playing sloshball in golden gate park (it is also called kegball---you play kickball with an over sized ball and a keg.) in college there were kickball leagues and some friends of mine and i always played. so i figured since i sat the first two quarters out, i should go. i wrangled melissa in, and we were off to the park at 11. by noon we had cups and by one the games were on. i can't say our performance was stellar (we lost most of the games we played), but we were loud and people loved us--as they do. when we left in the mid afternoon, to go to the fluevog store, people still playing were bummed. that was a nice thing. ( i firmly believe you should always leave people wanting more of your presence.) we got some sweet shoes and then met up with mike cilley and his bartending friend. we drank ourselves silly again and then went home on the last bart. it was a long, but fun day. i was thankful saturday morning to have drank a ton of water in addition to my adult beverages. i woke up early and made lunch for dust and i and some cupcakes for his work. dust and i had lunch and he delivered the cortcakes to his working friends. then i came home and cleaned the bathroom and watched a ton of Kortney and Khloe something something in Miami. it was great. today, we started celebrating the two year anniversary. (last week it was seven together, now two married--as of tuesday). his gift to me was to take me to great america. we rode roller coasters with our friend forrest all day long. the only bummer was that funnel cakes were 6.99! so we got to go to sev-elev for slurpees instead. this was a nice touch because before we ever started dating dust and i would walk from his house in the middle of the night to the sev-elev by him and split a slurpee before i went home. and y'all thought we only drank adult beverages. so icees it was. we came home and barbecued. i do love break. tomorrow we go to the monterey bay aquarium to see the sea horse exhibit. i am so excited. we convinced our friend brain (henceforth referred to as brain) to come with us. he has wanted to go, so why not now. it should be really great. the trip to the seahorses is what my poppadaddy got me for my birthday. i think i will love it. i have been planning my outfit all night so that i look nice in the pictures we send him. that is right. i am planning how good i look. :) then on the big day (tuesday) i get a haircut and dust is going to let me go with him while he shops for new jeans and shorts and "fall shoes." i will admit that i love shopping for myself, but it is almost as gratifying seeing my honey in some fall must haves. i asked if we could go to nordstroms. he is not ready for that, but we'll keep working. this is, after all, only our second year married. but what a year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the update

there are a few things you should know.
when i last wrote, dust was coming home soon. he has been back for three weeks now. i went home to arkansas. tomorrow we go back to vermont for the wedding we have been waiting for for what seems like years and lifetimes. i am so excited. i had a three week break. we went to yosemite. i was cake decorator and photographer (with my friend teja) for our friends' sandy and jt's wedding. that was a trip. melissa's dad was in town. we found out claudia is going back to boston. we got 1 million fans on rock band. we looked at a cute little place across town for when we have to move. i started back to school yesterday. in a nutshell that is it. oh. our car got hit. but it will get fixed. we got cable. i think that is it. i will include pictures.

tuns out we weren't the only wildlife in the park. we saw bears and squirrells and birds and deer. it was crazy. and it was our first nature vacation. go figure.

this is sandy and her partner, JT. sandy goes to school with me. she was my research tutor. ( i got an A this time. thanks sandy!)

this is Anjeannette, and teja (tey'ya is the white girl with the apron on.) between them and sandy, they are my favorite three at school. that anjeanette goes to the club with us. she is the funniest. she is like my little sister. and teja is our mom. (if my mom was a month younger than me.) but they all love a stiff drink and a little rock band occasionally, and the three of those ladies are three of the strongest, most supportive women, i have ever met. i am lucky to have so many strong, supportive ladies in my life. ( i sound like i am kissing up, but only a few of y'all will read this blog anyway, so it is mostly for me.) and that is the cake we made. it fed 60 people. and sandy and jt have more than 700 pictures to commemorate their day. pretty sweet.
this is why i am escited to go back to vermont.

maybe some stomp rocket and rock band at the hott pockets.

see the happy family, and meet the newest nunz. i can't wait to see this little guy. i will one day buy him a lot of candy and ice cream. then i will drive him home. HA HA. maybe don't let me babysit. atleast until he gets teeth. gotta chew the candy.

include abby and karen abel in here. and i just can't wait to see the ladies at the farm. and sarah waldo.

and eat cake... oh i mean, and see the yack. :)

and we go to the other wedding of the century. sorry i didn't have a fitting photo of rob. hopefully i have a few when we return. i hear there is talk of getting him tattooed in boston. although i know it won't happen, a girl can dream. and quinn, look how far that dress has come. :)
i can't wait. we will go get food and then pack. we leave when dust gets off work tomorrow. we'll be in boston at 5:00 in the morning on thursday. see you all soon.